Release of v23.8.0

It is a kind of small updates of FIOB system.

Night Mode

The most obvious change is to add a night mode to dashboard.

When you sign in, you may saw a new box just on the top of right panel.

Including three part, from left, Icon of the user, Username, Switch of mode.

The switch of mode has two icons, one is Sun, the other is Moon, you can click either one to make it day mode or night mode / light mode or dark mode.


Since the Bootstrap upgraded to 5.3.1, our skin implement need to do a big upgrade. Before to make a big move, I did a small update now.

The number of skins is reduced from 7 to 4.

Other updates

The FIOB has more than twenty improvements in this release. You may not notice them. It is OK.


Release v21.8.0

It is a new release with new features and some improvements.

Free InOut Board system v21.8.0.

New Features:

Admin can change the phone call action to SMS action.

When you change the selection to SMS, then sign out and in again, the board will be let you call SMS on touch the phone number.

Yes. It works on your phone only.


The way to enable or disable the customized status changed to a Switch.

Previously it is on/off buttons.


We improved the color contrast of the pages. Now it is more WCAG friendly. Provide better services to people with vision problems.

We will continue to improve our system for good.


Something new in June 2020

I would like to announce it is a major upgrade on our Free Inout Board since v19.3.1

Our system is keep updating. Most of the time, without notification. You may not notice it is updated or improved. That’s what our intension to not interrupt your experience.

Here it is a major upgrade, I should let you know. and if you have any idea, do not hesitate to contact me.

A new set of status Icons.

From 5 basic GIF icons

To 9 new PNG icons.

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What is new in past 6 months?

The FreeInOutBoard is going to a new year, 2019. We spend a lot of time adding new features and improve the performance.

Here is the list of changes and new features from v18.3.6 to our latest v19.2.0.

  • Add a new page to view the calendar with future events
  • Update the dependency js files and bootstrap
  • Add user compact design into the user preference
  • Add IP fencing facility for security purpose
  • Improve the skin templates
  • Fix the typo and improve the wordings
Users can adjust the column width of inout board when they turn on the compact design.