Now it is 17.2.4

There are three small versions released during the past month. You may not noticed the difference.

They are all small, fine tune improvements.

  1. Fix the missing images;
  2. Fix typos;
  3. Update the IP databse for site security;
  4. Redesign the billing processes, it has subscribe, cancel, reactivate status;
  5. Stripe upgraded to v5.2.1;
  6. Increase the username length from 20 to 40 characters;
  7. Upgrade Bootstrap to v4 beta 2;
  8. Upgrade Lazysizes to 4.0.0 rc4;

There are also a lot of changes to improve the performance for our service.


If you have any questions or advices, please do not hesitate to post below.

FreeInOutBoard v17.0.0 beta2 released

Now, you can find our site has a new release.

It is v17.0.0 beta2. You may not feel well when you see the beta sign.

Actually, it is a big difference. from the previous v16.x.x. Since we start to use Git version control system, FreeInOutBoard will be going to continuing development stage. You will see more upgrade than before. You will see more features added soon. The version number does not matter.

Let me put these new features all together below:

A. User

  1. Rewrite the password requesting process;
  2. Rewrite the user login;
  3. UI upgrade;
  4. Fast loading;
  5. Mobile friendly design;

B. Technology

  1. HTML 5
  2. Bootstrap 4
  3. jQuery 3.x
  4. FontAwesome v4.7.0
  5. Use version control tool, Git
  6. SSL certificate and HSTS Preload
  7. Content Security Policy
  8. XSS protection
  9. Content Type Options

Please go to our Tours pages for more information.


New Features of FreeInOutBoard v15.5.5

It is our big change from previous FreeInOutBoard. We implement a new frame and some new features already.

New Frame:

  1.  Server, same powerful and strong as before, but different Server OS.  Now it is Ubuntu 14.04 LTS.
  2.  Replace MySQL server by MariaDB database server
  3.  Replace PHP 5.5.24 by HHVM 3.7. HHVM is developed by Facebook. It is much faster than PHP 5.5.
  4.  Replace Apache Web server by Nginx Web Server.
  5.  New design, responsive design. It works well on phone and tablet.

New Features:

  1.  One user can be in two or more groups. One default group plus one or more additional
  2.  Customized Status. We have seven default status from very beginning. Now, you can add your own status for your users.add-statusstatus-adding
  3.  Setup refresh rate of the main portal. The default is 300 seconds. It means the in-out board will be reloaded every 5 minutes. refresh-rate
  4. Change of Location. Location is associated with timezone. If all your users are in the same timezone, one location is enough. So, we removed the location tab from the home of board. Groups is good way to group users. Leave location for timezone only.



This new version is just released. If you saw any problems or errors, please send me an email to , if you attach a screenshot, will be very helpful.

If you have any suggestion, or new feature request, please also send me a email.