New Features fo 21.9.x and 21.11.0

During the past two months, we add some new features and fixed a lot of bugs in FreeInOutBoard system.

Just let me introduce the two new features.

Premium Account Feature:  Hide Expect Return.

You can hide the “Expect Return” field on the Sign in/out page. The users of your board will now see this option.

New Feature: Default status switch.

Now, your board administrator can disable the default status when they use the customized status.

The FreeInOutBoard will continue to add new features. If you have any requests, please do not hesitate to contact us, with your board ID.

FreeInOutBoard v18.3.0 Release

We are pleased to announce the release of FreeInOutBoard 18.3.0.

This version is a module update release. So we bumped the version from 18.2.x to 18.3.x.

Some small issues are fixed in this release.

  • Fix the location name checking function
  • Adjust the width of login page
  • Improve the additional groups, user can be put in the more than one additional groups, or non of it.
  • Upgrade Bootstrap, Lazysizes, Tablesorter js files and Octions.


2018 New Release

It is 2018. FIOB has a new release two days ago. FIOB system v18.1.0

There are a lot of improvement and bug fix including this release.

Changes since v17.2.5:

  • Fix the admin approval errors and signup warnings
  • Fix the avatar email session missing bug
  • Add report description
  • Fix the error in recaptchalib
  • Add error log for important operation, and referer URL
  • Re-construction the system admin dashboard
  • Upgrade stripe lib to 5.2.1
  • Upgrade bootstrap to v4.0, popper js to 1.12.9
  • Improve lazyload function
  • Use Octicons 7.1.0 instead of fontawsome
  • Add a page for update credit card information
  • Add reasons to applicant when declining the submission
  • And a lot of fine tunes.


Thanks to our user who send me the feedback and suggestion. Lisa from Rentals Maui and Ryan Reedy from SEND Asia Office.





New Features of FreeInOutBoard v15.5.15

It is a small upgrade.  Two new features were added.

1) Show Time Zone or Not?

Some users do not need Timezone. They are all in the same timezone, even not in the same location.  Based on this requirement, we add this feature, allow Administrator to turn off the display of timezone lable on in/out Board.

Go to Admin >> Board Settings

showntimezone-settingsDefault is checked, it means to display timezone on main list.

list-with-timezoneIf you uncheck it, the main list will not show timezone.


2) Remember me?

To provide more friendly user experience, we add this Remember me feature. Some people call it Long-Term User Authentication, or Persistent Login status.

So, when you signin, you can choose the checkbox of Remember me

rememberme-checkboxThen, even you close the window. Next day, you open it and enter the web address, or click the bookmark, you can see you just one click away to the board.

goto-your-inout-boardYou can click the link on the right upper corner, to go to your in/out board.

For security reason, please do not check it on public computer.