Two more updates since 18.3.0

During the past two weeks, we have a lot of updates on our website. The version of FIOB is updated from 18.3.0 to 18.3.1, and now it is 18.3.2.

Here are some important updates:

  • Bootstrap 4.1.1;
  • Fix the session issue;
  • Add sidebar toggle button, allow user to hide the sidebar;
  • Upgrade our email function to phpmailer 6.x;
  • fix the cookie issue;
  • Privacy policy update;
  • Add the consent requirement to the new application form;
  • Group can not be deleted, but you can hide it on board;
  • Other changes and improvements for Administrator.


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A small version up

Now FreeInOutBoard is v17.2.1. It is a small update. You may not notice the difference.

Actually, it is an improvement version. No new feature was added.

  • We standardized the js, CSS file name. Add version number to the file name. So ISP cache issue will not affect our users.
  • We also did a clean upon the folders of our system. Remove the old, useless files.
  • Updated the screen shots for new users.

At the last, if you see any thing strange, please contact us by email or leave the message below.