New Features of 21.9.x and 21.11.0

During the past two months, we add some new features and fixed a lot of bugs in FreeInOutBoard system.

Just let me introduce the two new features.

Premium Account Feature:  Hide Expect Return.

You can hide the “Expect Return” field on the Sign in/out page. The users of your board will now see this option.

New Feature: Default status switch.

Now, your board administrator can disable the default status when they use the customized status.

The FreeInOutBoard will continue to add new features. If you have any requests, please do not hesitate to contact us, with your board ID.

What is new in past 6 months?

The FreeInOutBoard is going to a new year, 2019. We spend a lot of time adding new features and improve the performance.

Here is the list of changes and new features from v18.3.6 to our latest v19.2.0.

  • Add a new page to view the calendar with future events
  • Update the dependency js files and bootstrap
  • Add user compact design into the user preference
  • Add IP fencing facility for security purpose
  • Improve the skin templates
  • Fix the typo and improve the wordings
Users can adjust the column width of inout board when they turn on the compact design.

FIOB 17.2.0 Release

New version is comming.

Free InOut Board is version 17.2.0 now. The second digit upgrade from 1 to 2. It means there are some new features added or removed.


  • Lazysizes.js is added to improve the performance when loading the images.
  • Admin Control Page changes.
  • Board Admin can reset the password for his users.
  • Bootstrap framework v4.0 beta implemented.
  • Upgrade the third party js, including phpMailer, jquery plugins, etc.
  • Fix some bugs about manifest.json and themes.