Release v21.8.0

It is a new release with new features and some improvements.

Free InOut Board system v21.8.0.

New Features:

Admin can change the phone call action to SMS action.

When you change the selection to SMS, then sign out and in again, the board will be let you call SMS on touch the phone number.

Yes. It works on your phone only.


The way to enable or disable the customized status changed to a Switch.

Previously it is on/off buttons.


We improved the color contrast of the pages. Now it is more WCAG friendly. Provide better services to people with vision problems.

We will continue to improve our system for good.


What kind of features do you want?

Please let us know what kind of features do you want. We will add them per your request.

Now, some new features already under developing.

Such as time, date format. Previously, we just have ISO standard format. Per request, we add the option for users and board administrator.  The board administrator and setup the default time, date format. The new user will take the default values as their own format. Every user can change it at User Control Panel.

We already have a list of new features need to be added into FreeInOut Board system.

FreeInOut Board system v 17.1.0 is going to be available in this weekend.