Make Free In Out Board even Fast

As we promised, we always try our best to optimize Free In Out Board.

Follow the rules for high performance web pages from Yahoo.

The webpagetest gave the test result as 6 As, or all A scores.

If you use our service every day, you may fell that the page load faster than before and response time is shorter.

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Speed up In Out Board

It is faster than before.

Speed is double. You know, if it took you 3 second to load the page, now it is only about 1.5 second.

We optimized database, optimized sql script.

And also, the most important, we use CDN, or Cloud. Can we name us as Cloud InOut Board? I say YES.

We use Amazon CloudFront as our CDN service provider. Their service is great.  It makes our InOut Board fast too.

Reports with Average In’s and Out’s, and Work Hours

You may find new type of report in our Attendance Reports.

When click the link you will go to the report page.

In this form, you can choose the user and the report date range. Then, click run report button.

The report is clear and easy to read.
Please be noticed that the total work hours are including all days, even he worked on weekend. The average in’s and out’s are calculated on weekday only.

Thanks to Aaron Blevins. This featured report is suggested by him.

To use this report and want the working hours correct, you need to enter the date and time very correctly.