Employee Tracking Software – Web based Service

FIOB can be used as Employee Tracking Software.

When employer want to tracking his employees, want to know how his employees works, when they come back to the office, when they take the lunch break,  FreeInOutBoard can give him the ability to do the Employee Tracking.

FIOB employee tracking software is a web-based crossplatform (any operation system) system. Customer sign up for his company, then add users, or employees, to the InOutBoard. Then users can sign in when they come into the office, or let the receptionist to do the sign in for them. On lunch break or out for appointment, they can sign out or mark it as off.

No special equipment needed, just a computer with Internet access.

For vacation records, employer can log the days employee take for vacation.

For sick leave records, it is same, no hassle. Employer can use it very quickly and keep the records for years.

FIOB Employee Tracking Software is not a Windows Software, you can use any computer, any device, maybe your cellphone browser, to sign in and out.

Why we can not provide unlimited service for free

Some one may ask why you can not provide free service with unlimited users. This is the most frequently asked question!

Unfortunately, we cannot provide free InOut Board service without limitation to anyone. We are truly sorry, but if you are meet the following requirements, you still can use our Free InOut Board(FIOB) for free.

You have less than ten users, less than 2 locations, and 2 groups. FIOB Free Service is right for you.

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FIOB June July. 2011 Newsletter


Yeah! I have a New Born Baby, Gabriel.

Extension of Free Trial will be limited to one month only

Our current new client can have more than one month Free Trial of our premium service. Now we will change back to our normal 30 day Free Trial in July.

If you use our free service, and have less than ten users in your board, you will not see any big changes on your side.

If you have more than 10 users, you will receive the notice when you sign in and may not be use the regular sign in/out as before, until you upgrade your account.

More reliable Backup system

FreeInOutBoard backup all data every night off-site, remotely.

Things to DO

In the next month, we will implement following features or improvement on FreeInOutBoard.

  • Make InOut Board even faster
  • Attendance report export
  • User Deletion
  • Account close procedure

FIOB Feb. 2011 Newsletter


As we know, it is almost spring.  Snow is melting. FreeInOutBoard will provide more as we promised.

Extend all trial accounts free period to June 30, 2011

We said, every new account could use Premium FIOB Plus for one month for free. Now, we want to give more to our customers.

You can use our free premium account as you want. Try your best to use it. It is your board.

New Scheme/Skin

New skin can give use a fresh look. Keep work environment actively.

New Features

We will add following new features in the year.

  • Legal form templates download
  • Attendance report by email
  • Attendance report export
  • ……

If you have any suggestion, let me know.

FIOB Jan. 2011 Newsletter

It is 2011 already.  We don’t have November and December newsletter for you, but 2011 January news letter is here.

In 2011, we will focus on three points.

1) Improve the speed of Loading time for InOut Board

2) Do more marketing for FreeInOutBoard services.

3) Keep providing one month free trial.

FIOB Sep. Oct. Newsletter


Oh! It is November already. Where is our September and October Newsletter?
Here it is. We get a lot of chance to learn something from our users.

Admin’s online training

If you are the administrator of your board, you can access the online training. It will show you how to change the settings of the board, how to add group, add new user. It will tell you how to get the visitor viewer link without sign in.

It is only How-to for Administrator.  It is a guide for you.

Updated World Map

Every previous or current users can be shown on the world map, which is powered by Google Maps. We improved the storage data of location. Check and save the Lat, lng information. So, itt is faster than before.

Remove the visitor view link from homepage

It is for privacy issue. We agreed that your name and email are privacy information too. We are not showing it on the site. But, if you don’t want to sign in, and still can see the status of every users, Administrator can get the visitor view link from the board setting page.

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Remove visitor view link from public

As we noticed that privacy is one of the most important issue on Internet.

We are also get some feedback of our client. They don’t want to show the name and link on our In Out Board system. Even being cached by Google or any other Search Engine.

I totally agree with you.

So we removed visitor view link from the home page of this site.

Our clients can still use the visitor view without login. The URL of your board can be found in your board settings under Admin panel. Turn on visitor view first. Then copy the link and bookmark it. Then you can use it.