New Features of FreeInOutBoard v15.5.15

It is a small upgrade.  Two new features were added.

1) Show Time Zone or Not?

Some users do not need Timezone. They are all in the same timezone, even not in the same location.  Based on this requirement, we add this feature, allow Administrator to turn off the display of timezone lable on in/out Board.

Go to Admin >> Board Settings

showntimezone-settingsDefault is checked, it means to display timezone on main list.

list-with-timezoneIf you uncheck it, the main list will not show timezone.


2) Remember me?

To provide more friendly user experience, we add this Remember me feature. Some people call it Long-Term User Authentication, or Persistent Login status.

So, when you signin, you can choose the checkbox of Remember me

rememberme-checkboxThen, even you close the window. Next day, you open it and enter the web address, or click the bookmark, you can see you just one click away to the board.

goto-your-inout-boardYou can click the link on the right upper corner, to go to your in/out board.

For security reason, please do not check it on public computer.


New Features of FreeInOutBoard v15.5.5

It is our big change from previous FreeInOutBoard. We implement a new frame and some new features already.

New Frame:

  1.  Server, same powerful and strong as before, but different Server OS.  Now it is Ubuntu 14.04 LTS.
  2.  Replace MySQL server by MariaDB database server
  3.  Replace PHP 5.5.24 by HHVM 3.7. HHVM is developed by Facebook. It is much faster than PHP 5.5.
  4.  Replace Apache Web server by Nginx Web Server.
  5.  New design, responsive design. It works well on phone and tablet.

New Features:

  1.  One user can be in two or more groups. One default group plus one or more additional
  2.  Customized Status. We have seven default status from very beginning. Now, you can add your own status for your users.add-statusstatus-adding
  3.  Setup refresh rate of the main portal. The default is 300 seconds. It means the in-out board will be reloaded every 5 minutes. refresh-rate
  4. Change of Location. Location is associated with timezone. If all your users are in the same timezone, one location is enough. So, we removed the location tab from the home of board. Groups is good way to group users. Leave location for timezone only.



This new version is just released. If you saw any problems or errors, please send me an email to , if you attach a screenshot, will be very helpful.

If you have any suggestion, or new feature request, please also send me a email.

Upgrade of FreeInOutBoard

It will be an official upgrade on May 9 2015, start at 22:00PM. The upgrade window is 2 hours.

New FreeInOutBoard will have some new features and is driven by a much more powerful server.


  • Nginx web server
  • HHVM php support
  • Simplify the main board display.
  • more skins

You will find it is more than 3 times faster than before.

Enable SSL or https

As security of user data is the most important for us, we start to support SSL on our service.

So if previous you use to access our site. It will redirect to

Https is much more better than http

Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) is a communications protocol for secure communication over acomputer network, with especially wide deployment on the Internet. Technically, it is not a protocol in and of itself; rather, it is the result of simply layering the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) on top of the SSL/TLS protocol, thus adding the security capabilities of SSL/TLS to standard HTTP communications. The main motivation for HTTPS is to prevent wiretapping and man-in-the-middle attacks.

vi Wikipedia.

As a user, you don’t have to do anything on your side. No matter which format of URL you entered, they are all re-direct to our ssl URL.


Expired accounts

When an account expires for whatever reason (e.g. expired card, trial ends, cancellation), how long we will keep the user data in our system.

There are two types of accounts.

Type 1:These users just signed up and take a look at our system. Then they left without using our system.

Type 2:
They used our system for certain period. They have more than one users in their account.

Our policy.

Delete the type 1 accounts. Keep Type 2 accounts as long as we can. So if you want to reactivate your account, just email us with any information which can help us to locate your account. If you want to delete your account information permanently , let us know.


How long we keep your data when you left?

Right now, we keep all the data inside of our system, from the day one.

Data: including but not limited to records of sign in/out. ip address, sick leave records, future events.

To protect the data, we backup them every day offsite.

The thing we are thinking is how to take care of these disabled accounts, or inactivated accounts.

There are two options for the account disabled one year ago:

1: Move them to the archived database

2: Delete them


When we have decision, will post it here.


Anti Spam facility is installed

There are more and more spam are trying to leave message on Free In Out Board through sign up page. Actually they can not.

I received ten spam sign up. Some are robots, if my guess is correct. Some are human spam.

ReCaptcha from Google is installed as a one simple way to prevent these robots. It is located on our sign up page. Long term plan is to implement it on sign in form when three failed sign in clicks.



System is upgraded

We moved to a new server with SSD driver. It is much fast than before.

Our Free In Out Board is also upgraded to new version.

Some Changes:

  • When new user sign up, you get a free account for ever.
  • No trial for Premium service.
  • jQuery 1.9.1 implementation.

We are planing to add more features and improve the performance of our Free In Out Board system.


If you have any comments, please do not hesitate to let me know.