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Anti Spam facility is installed

There are more and more spam are trying to leave message on Free In Out Board through sign up page. Actually they can not.

I received ten spam sign up. Some are robots, if my guess is correct. Some are human spam.

ReCaptcha from Google is installed as a one simple way to prevent these robots. It is located on our sign up page. Long term plan is to implement it on sign in form when three failed sign in clicks.



Ajax Tab implement

Right now, we improved the most often used page, index page of Free In Out Board. Every time user log in and see this page.

Now, group tab is ajax supported.

It has two pros.

Ajax tab feature of Free In Out Board

1) Make index page smaller, it means web page load faster.

2) Click tab, trig the ajax content, the user status table loaded dynamically, the user status are real time.

Speed up In Out Board

It is faster than before.

Speed is double. You know, if it took you 3 second to load the page, now it is only about 1.5 second.

We optimized database, optimized sql script.

And also, the most important, we use CDN, or Cloud. Can we name us as Cloud InOut Board? I say YES.

We use Amazon CloudFront as our CDN service provider. Their service is great.  It makes our InOut Board fast too.